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Yoga is the art and science of living, and is concerned with the evolution of mind and body. Therefore, yoga incorporates a system of discipline for furthering an integrated development of all aspects of an individuals.

Surya Namaskar means Salutation to the Sun. Surya Namaskar consists of 12 postures. One posture smoothly, gently and gracefully flows into the next. This is an ancient Vedic technique that revitalizes the body and mind, and helps to eradicate diseases. Surya Namaskara combines several yoga postures with rhythmic, breathing, rapid movement, sunbathing, Mantra and prayerful contemplation of the divine power that the Sun represents.

Three stages of Surya Namaskar-

In this stage, an individual is introduced to 12 posture Asana, and pranayama (Breathing) and Mantra.

Biggners -

In this stage, Person knows the 12 posture Asana, and pranayama (Breathing) and Mantra.

  • This stage involves stretching to comfortable limits in the forward and backward direction.
  • It primarily helps in balancing the body & mind
Intermediate -

In this stage an individual is introduced to the breathing, Mantra and Chakra awareness. Accordingly, an individual will be able to perform one round in 15-20 minutes. Hence the individual start experiencing divine energy. The advantages are:

  • Stretching the different parts of the body.
  • An ideal antidote to stress and an ideal therapy for mental and physical disease.
  • Enhances the mental and spiritual evolution.
Rebalances the energies of body, mind and spirit.
Advance -

In this stage, one can perform one round in 50 - 60 min. In this stage, person knows absolutely correct asana, pranayam, mantra including Beej Mantra, and chakra visualization.
  • Easy and effective tools of attaining good health and development of personality.
  • Helps to achieves the power of receptivity for thoughts coming from outside requires a well toned body and mind.
  • Meditating with concentrated mind enhances confidence.
  • Healthy Happy and fully charged with spiritual energy.
  • Sound of mantra creates vibration of a particular frequency having an effect upon a particular part of the body, mind and energy.

Some of the disorders curable by to Surya Namaskara are: Acne, Obesity, Joint & Rheumatic, Asthma and other Lung condition, Digestive upsets, Blood pressure, Common cold, Depression, Psychosis, Skin condition, Immunity, Stress and Fatigue, Headache, concentration, Memory, ageing, Unite, team spirit, Balancing etc.